To the children in Tumiany.

Happy times at the Tumiany Recreation Center.

Attractions for children at Tumiany Campground


Our mission is to connect people with nature and each other


Summer has arrived and school is over! Looking for a vacation that the whole family will love? It’s time to have fun in the sun with summer activities for kids. Clean air and power of attractions for children in Tumiany Camping Mazury .

Tours of Masuria and Warmia, trips to the beach, canoeing, barbecues and many other attractions await you at the Tumiany Camping Recreation Center.

Activity zone for the youngest children and teenagers



In case you haven’t heard yet 🙂 , we are big supporters of spending vacations with children. We love introducing our children to new experiences and cultures that enrich their growing young minds and give them a desire to travel. After all, we are creating family memories.

Children have taught us to be happy for no reason, to be constantly preoccupied with something and to demand with all our might – what we want. And we want to put in your hands a place that teems with joy and relaxation.

Welcome Owners of Tumiany Campground!

Your epic vacation in the Masuria region


Come to nature and explore all the places of Warmia and Mazury, from hiking to canoeing – and much more.


Travel is for everyone! However, traveling with children can often seem more difficult to plan. Based on our own experience, we have managed to make available a couple of interesting active entertainment activities to make our guests’ time more pleasant:

  • Canoeing trips (Dadaj – Tumiany, Tumiany – Barczewo, Tumiany – Zalesie – Tumiany, Tumiany – Barczewo – Olsztyn)
  • Renting water bikes (visiting the lake)
  • SUP board rental
  • Bike rental
  • Rowboat rental
  • Fishing from 4 piers

You are welcome to visit the reception desk for reservations.
With us, unique opportunities to spend time together and create special memories.


*Registered guests of the Camping Tumiany resort.
Attractions for children range from fun moments on the playground and totally immersive races on the children’s go-kart track, to great archery dinosaur hunts and exhilarating moments in the pool boats. We have tailored the entertainment for the youngest children and teenagers:

  • Children’s boat pool/paddlers
  • Pedal go-karts
  • Shooting a bow while hunting dinosaurs
  • Safe swimming area with sandy beach and gentle descent to the lake
  • Two playgrounds (large one by the restaurant, smaller one in the garden by the apartments)
  • Volleyball court
  • Board games in the restaurant area overlooking the lake
  • Fairy tales in the restaurant area overlooking the lake
  • An ideal place for field games

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Attractions of Warmia and Mazury at your fingertips


Let your imagination be your guide as you explore and discover Warmia and Mazury. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush from outdoor excursions or a peaceful retreat from everyday life, you’ll find it all when you visit the Tumiany Camping Resort.
Here are a few reasons why so many people love children’s attractions at campgrounds:

  1. Creating Memories: Camping is sure to be an experience your family will never forget. From a day spent exploring all that camping has to offer to an evening campfire, these memories will last forever. In addition, the opportunity to learn new skills and experience new things keeps us all young in spirit!
  2. Family Ties: Camping provides you and your family with a unique opportunity to reconnect and spend time together. Roasting sausages around a campfire, telling stories under the stars and going on trips together strengthen ties by giving everyone a chance to participate.
  3. Learning Opportunities: Whether you’re cooking outdoors for the first time, going on a family hike, or teaching your kids how to fish, there are endless opportunities to experience new skills and adventures on a camping trip.
  4. Physical activity: Setting up your tent, unpacking your car or organizing your gear in your RV are ways to stay physically active, and you can stay on the move with fun activities such as hiking, swimming and the playground. Plus, a full day of activity and fun often leads to a great night’s sleep!

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